Rio Coka (real name: Raymon Nazario) is a Puerto Rican-American drummer and singer. He is best known as the drummer of Dying Street. He became the official drummer in July 2017, after Scally was kicked from the group. He stayed in the band until April 2024, when the band announced a hiatus. He was invited back to join Dying Street in February 2027 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Due to his health issues, he left the band in mid-July the same year. He was replaced by Jim Bunty, a Canadian musician, who also replaced him in September 2017.

In early September 2027, the press published that Rio Coka wasn't ill, and that he was only taking break from music. He said he got no interest to join back the Dying Street. Anton Spack, who was also the member of Dying Street, announced on his Facebook account that he has formed the band Generation-X with Rio Coka, Saul Stevenson and Ralph MacKenzie. Coka announced that he will no longer use his Rio Coka allias, and he will use his real name as stage name the same month.

In October 2031, Dying Street drummer Jim Bunty was arrested for drug abuses. He was briefly replaced by Arjuna Samadhi. In December 2031, the band announced Rio Coka will be the drummer once again.