Michael "Mike" Barrett is an American guitarist, best known as a member of Dying Street.

Mike started his career in his amateur new wave band The Lost Connects in 2008. His music career was short, due to his job. When Dying Street was formed, in May 2017, he was invited to join the band by his friends David Stefanovic and Dojo Yukteswar to play the guitars for the band. He accepted the offer, but due to his job, he wasn't available at that moment. David and Dojo promoted him to unofficial member of the band.

During the recording sessions oF the second album Profound Pleasure, David and Colin Zeal added Barret in the line-up in February 2018, making him the official member of the band. He left his job after that. His first appearance with the band was in the bar perfomance.

Due to dissagrements with David Stefanovic, he and Colin Zeal left the Dying Street in July 2019. He would be replaced by Trent Nixon. During his withdrawal, he practiced in his studio.

David and Rio Coka saw the total downfall in the band. They decided to kick the remaining members, and they wanted to do reunion album with Zeal, Yukteswar and Barrett. The trio accepted the offer, and they joined the band in January 2020 to record Love Me Like You Do. Unfortunately, this line-up didn't stay long, but they finished in recording in May 2020. Zeal and Yukteswar were fired from the group, due to their fights and disagreements with the band and management during the promotion of new album. Barrett decided to help the group and he would stay in the band until the band split-up in April 2024.

From 2024 to 2027, Mike Barrett focused on the family and his side projects with famous musicians.

In February 2027, Dying Street announced the comeback album and tour with Stefanovic, Zeal, Barrett, Coka and Spack in the line-up. The group released Back On The Track in August same year. Dying Street remained releasing new material and they are still active till this day.