The following list details musicians who have been members of the American band Dying Street since its formation on 27 May 2017. Vocalist David Stefanovic has been the only member who has been a part of every one of the band's incarnations. Mike Barrett was an unofficial member since the band's creation, but he became the official member in February 2018. The band went on hiatus in April 2024, and the band did the reformation in February 2027 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Rio Coka was the consistent member since July 2017, but he left in July 2027, he announced a short hiatus due to his health issues.


Note: Bold text shows founding members.

Current membersEdit

  • David Stefanovic – lead vocals, guitars (May 2017–Apr 2024; Feb 2027–present)
  • Colin Zeal – bass, main producer (May–Aug 2017; Nov 2017–Jul 2019; Jan–Apr 2020; Aug 2021; Feb 2027–present)
  • Jim Bunty – drums, backing vocals (Sep 2017; Jul 2027–present)
  • Mike Barrett – guitar, backing vocals ([unofficial May 2017-Jan 2018]; Feb 2018–Jul 2019; Jan 2020–Apr 2024; Feb 2027–present)
  • Lewis Benton – keyboards, backing vocals (Aug 2027–present); drum machine (June-July 2028; Jan 2029–present)

Former membersEdit



  • Scally – drums (May–Jul 2017)
  • Rio Coka – drums, backing vocals (Jul 2017–Apr 2024; Feb–Jul 2027)


  • Little Lucas – bass, main producer (Aug–Oct 2017)
  • Agent Mapother – bass, main producer (Jul 2019–Jan 2020)
  • Rod Star – bass, main producer (Jun 2020–Apr 2024)



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