As We Are is the fourth studio album by American rock band Dying Street, released on 15 August 2019.

The recording began in March 2019, after the The 3rd Album tour which was finished in February same year. During The 3rd Album Tour, keyboardist Anton Spack left the band, due to personal problems, after New Year concert. Spack was supposed to be replaced by the co-founder Dojo Yukteswar, but Neil Durham rejoin instead of hin.

During the recording sessions, Neil Durham and Colin Zeal were in various conflicts. This showed a lot of negative attitude between them during their public appearances.

The recording was finished in late June 2019. In July 2019, Colin Zeal left the band after getting involved in fight with David Stefanovic. He announced his departure on his Twitter account. Stefanovic also announced the departure of Colin Zeal after various disagreements with Neil Durham and fight with Stefanovic himself that happened a few hours before his withdrawal. Guitarist Mike Barrett was shocked about Colin Zeal's departure and he asked Stefanovic to leave the band to focus on the family. Stefanovic said "Of course, whatever you want".

Stefanovic and Rio Coka, the only members who are left from "classic line-up", decided to find new bassist and guitarist for the group. Trent Nixon, Stefanovic's long-time friend, became the official guitarist, who was previously asked to join the band. Rio Coka searched for the bassist on YouTube. He found the user called Agent Mapother. whose Yes and Rush bass covers were popular. Rio Coka invited him in the band, which he accepted the next day.

The album was finally released in August 2019. The album recieved mixed reviews. Stefanovic, Zeal, Barrett and Coka stated that this is the worst album they have done together as Dying Street.