(The) 3rd Album is the third studio album by American rock band Dying Street, released on 15 November 2018.

After the Profound Pleasure tour, the band began working on the new album in early June 2018. This album marks the first appearance of guitarist Mike Barrett, friend of David Stefanovic, who was unofficial member from the band's formation to January 2018. Barrett became the official member in February 2018. During the recording sessions, Stefanovic stopped playing the guitars. This is also the last album with keyboardist Anton Spack, until the album Back on The Track.

This album received great popularity, and it was their first album which had reached #1 on Best Selling Albums of the Month in the US. David Stefanovic and Colin Zeal have cited the album is one of their best works they have done together and that is why Stefanovic/Zeal/Barrett/Spack/Coka is considered as classic line-up. Drummer Rio Coka said in an interview: "I think this is one of the greatest records where I've contributed"

The following tour was started shortly after the release and it was finished in February 2019. Keyboardist Anton Spack announced his departure from the band in January 2019. The Dying Street co-founder Dojo Yukteswar was supposed to replace Spack, but Neil Durham did instead him.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Slow Down Joe!" (Stefanovic, Zeal, Spack) - 4:54
  2. "Self Portrait" (Zeal, Coka) - 4:31
  3. "Sea" (Spack, Coka) - 8:28
  4. "Such A Good Time" (Stefanovic, Barrett) - 3:59
  5. "Just The Way It Is" (Barrett, Coka) - 5:52
  6. "Fallen Out" (Stefanovic, Barrett, Zeal, Spack, Coka) - 9:43
  7. "Orson" (Spack, Coka) - 7:28
  8. "Goodbye" (Stefanovic, Zeal) - 1:50

Personnel Edit

  • David Stefanovic - lead vocals, guitars[1]
  • Mike Barrett - guitars
  • Colin Zeal - bass, main producer
  • Anton Spack - keyboards
  • Rio Coka - drums


  1. David's guitar parts were dismissed on tours.